Webinar on Threshold Concepts and Information Literacy Instruction

I’ve reserved the TECHB@R (JRL 160) for the following webinar.  Please feel free to join us!

Big Picture Theory and the Practical Classroom: Threshold Concepts and Information Literacy Instruction

Date and Time: Tuesday, November 17, 2015 11:00 am CST
Duration:  1 hour 30 minutes

Sylvia Lin Hanick, First Year Experience Librarian and Assistant Professor, LaGuardia Community College (CUNY)
Lori Townsend, Learning Services Coordinator, University of New Mexico

Threshold concepts offer a big picture perspective for our information literacy content; this model encourages expert practitioners (us!) to identify the broad ideas that define a discipline. This is not easy because threshold concepts are themselves a threshold concept. They are transformative, integrative, irreversible, bounded, troublesome, and – importantly – they take time to traverse. This meeting will introduce the threshold concepts model as it applies to information literacy. It will address criticisms of the model and discuss the implications of the theory for teaching and learning in the library classroom. We will talk about how librarians can incorporate conceptual teaching into their practice and provide examples of activities and assignments.

This webinar is sponsored by the ACRL Student Learning and Information Literacy Committee