Welcome to Instructionally Speaking, a new University of Chicago Library staff blog hosted by the Committee on Instruction and Outreach (CIAO). The purpose of Instructionally Speaking is to provide a place for Library staff to learn more about instruction, and share information with colleagues such as:

  • Newly published articles related to teaching, pedagogy, and information literacy.
  • Professional development opportunities, such as conferences or webinars.
  • Updates on instruction initiatives at other colleges and universities that may be of interest.
  • Articles highlighting innovative instruction being conducted by University of Chicago librarians.
  • News and other information relating to teaching at the University

While CIAO is initiating this blog, we hope that in the future, you will contribute articles and content that you think would be of interest to your colleagues. We envision Instructionally Speaking to be a virtual community of practice, where our shared knowledge and skills can help us grow the Library’s instructional programs.